About us

Swim holidays and escapes

We will take you on an aquatic adventure based on open water techniques and environment. that will allow you to take your swimming to the next level, with a deep understanding of the Ocean. daily swims and seminars, video analysis, stroke correction, anxiety managment, goal setting and some organised adventures both in the water and out. including island tour and history, wine tasting and walking, surfing and paddling.


Here is a little bit of background about swim Lanzarote and myself,

Swim Lanzarote was born from the recognition of how many people struggle in the open water. Many swimmers are fantastic in the pool but lack punch in open water,, many swim teachers are following antequated ways prefering to go through the motions instead of stepping forward and being accountable for their descisions and actions. I noticed a huge gap for not just a swimming coach but a way to benifit from all aspects of open water and the challenge was to help people understand, that they dont need to be the fastest swimmer to win the race. Most people are unaware of anything around them, for instance running through a forest but not being able to see the trees, or the details of light from the canopy above. Well I am here to try to open your eyes to the bigger picture of open water swimming. 

For many years I have worked with swimmers of all abilities, at the age of 14 is started volunteering at the local school pool for adult association lessons and at the age of 16 I was offered a fantastic opportunity to gain a full time position as the school swim instructor, and local club instructor. As my swimming desires increased a switch tripped and from swimmiing in rivers and Lochs I decided home should be blue sky, clear Ocean and warm watter. I blame the influence of Hawaii 5.0, Old spice adverts and of course Baywatch for my transition to the warm open Ocean arena but I have never looked back 

My passion has always been the open water.

From an early age the Oceans, rivers, lochs and lakes have been a fascination. I dont know if it was the adventure or the sheer openness of space but the draw was mesmerizing. when i could walk my grandparent took me on the traditional Sunday afternoon beach trip, I recollect my Grandfather telling of when my feet hit the sand I was off running, down the beach towards the water and in I went before being pulled from the water by a soggy footed Grandad. My passion for the water continued and my passion for beach lifeguarding, surfing and paddling grew. Once combined I was able to put into effect something that is missing in regular open water coaching or swimming in general. I put in place a plan to help triathletes understand the way water works and behaves, how they can capitalize on this and how this would revolutionise the open water swim coaching. From the early 90s and the introduction of Ironman to Lanzarote I have worked on stroke, breathing, to tactical racing and what the secrets the deep has to offer to. help us achieve. I want you to understand and beifit from over 40 years of open water experience, 

So i hope to see you all here very soon,