Video analysis



Advanced video analysis and stroke correction session


Advanced video analysis


Video and photo analysis is at the cutting edge of performance in swimming. from our none intrusive water work we will video your stroke from above and below the waterline from all different angles to make sure your posture, is correct to check and adjust stroke length, stroke rate, use of the bow wave, kicking, rotation and stroke breakdown (entry, rotation, catch, pull and recovery).

At Swim Lanzarote we are very proud of our Advanced Video Analysis service. This is undoubtedly the ultimate way to gauge your progress and to identify the exact measures you need to take to improve your swimming. During the session you will also receive tailored made drills to help develop and refine your technique. These 60 minute sessions include our advanced video analysis, pool correction session and a 45 minute sit down with our open water coach to discuss and work through your next step to a perfect stroke!



Expert Stroke Analysis,

Annotation Overlay,

Elite Athlete Visualization,

Stroke Correction and Drill Session,

Relaxed sit down session with our coaches.

Swim Lanzarote coaches also concentrate on other aspects of analysis which also include

Body position posture and alignment


Effective drafting

Managing anxiety

essential open water skills



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We are leaders in open water swimming, with coaches with over 30 years experience of swimming in open water and from various swim backgrounds.

We use a new and exciting system of swimming incorporating all elements of the swim and the environment, to create the perfect open water swimmers.