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The perfect triathlon SWIM SMART, RIDE STRONGE AND RUN TOUGH, but how many triathletes adopt this practise.

Because the Swim is the shortest part of the three events in an Ironman or triathlon, many athletes are tempted to overlook or do the minimum in their swim preparation This may work for strong swimmers or athletes with problems of limited time to swim, but when the correct training pattern is maintained swim training will no longer be over looked as there are many benifits for endurance athletes. Not just the obvious becoming a better swimmer but also nonimpact aerobic exercise

Inhanced recovery as swimming promotes circulation it can be used as an active recovery

Calming and stress reducing

Improved race efficiency especially for slower swimmers whos strong points are bike and run, less water time allows their race to begin

Improved nutrition as water time particularly for slower swimmers halts the replenishment of valuable energy stores this is critical and can mean the difference between completing your Ironman or long distance event.

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What can we do for our Triathletes


Our TRI swim coach will work closely with you to improve not only swim efficiency including

Managing anxiety and nerves

breathing to suit weather and sea states

Sighting and the ability to swim in a straight line

Drafting a faster paced swimmer for improved times or to expend less energy

Turning and the ability to turn around a buoy whilst maintaining a good rhythm

Equipment and gear and how to swim effectively in a wetsuit

Strategies to adapt to a variety of open water conditions technically and psychologically

Energy saving techniques

but also transition training, first hydration out of the water and sports nutrition to help you enjoy the swim leg instead of dreading it .

Join us at our Base in Puerto Del Carmen home of the renound and world famous Lanzarote Ironman swim course

Avoid that fenced in feeling, get the information you need from the experts arrive at your next event well armed and ready

Upcoming events for 2016!


Sailfish open water 14th May

Ironman Lanzarote 21st May

Oceanlava 16th October



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About us


We are leaders in open water swimming, with coaches with over 30 years’ experience of swimming in open water and from various swim backgrounds.

We use a new and exciting system of swimming incorporating all elements of the swim and the environment, to create the perfect open water swimmers.