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We are not just a swim system we are a water system, We work to maintain balance no matter what the conditions

Open water swimming has a variety of terms depending on your goals or interests, from relaxed river, lake or sea swims to a more demanding distance swim or the entry into the competitive field of open water swim races, distance races and the multi-sport arena such as varied distance triathlons. Whatever you choose to do the importance is on a good technique for all water conditions and a confidence and comfort with the body of water.

Open water swimming Lanzarote

In and out, how to make the best of your entrance and exit including race swim plans

swim Lanzarote sighting

Sighting, dont get lost in the crowd swim to win and cut down on wasted distance

swim Lanzarote drafting

Drafting, learn to cope with the draft manage anxiety and stay in the game

Why open water swimming?


  • To get fit
  • To swim on holiday
  • To lose weight
  • To swim with children and grandchildren
  • To learn a new skill
  • To allow runners and cyclists who cannot swim to compete in triathlons or other swimming challenges
  • To compete at a higher level
  • To complete a sponsorship distance
  • To give you the edge in your next event
  • To prepare for a distance times swim for example Beach lifeguard awards
  • Swimming well in open water requires you to be proficient in a variety of areas which include
  • Managing anxiety and nerves
  • Breathing
  • Sighting and the ability to swim in a straight line
  • Drafting a faster paced swimmer for improved times or to expend less energy
  • Turning and the ability to turn around a buoy whilst maintaining a good rhythm
  • Equipment and gear and how to swim effectively in a wetsuit
  • Strategies to adapt to a variety of open water conditions technically and psychologically


Many swimmers spend hour upon hour in the pool following the black line perfecting their stroke technique, whilst you can make significant gains in this area dont be fooled into thinking the pool is the only way to go. Studies have shown that correct drafting technique can save you up to 38% of your energy expenditure, this is a figure that in the short term would be a struggle to match when it comes to saving energy expenditure by stroke technique alone. Looking at the bigger picture your swim times and enjoyment in the water can be much improved by the knowledge of how to handle anxiety, sighting, navigation and the ability to swim straight without the black line. We will work with you to give you the full package not just a dip in theopen water but a full open water plan.


advanced video analysis Dan preiestly swim Lanzarote
swim Lanzarote open water swimming

Pool sessions vs. Open water sessions...?


The importance of using both arenas to create the perfect swimmer.


Open water sessions : At swim Lanzarote we will be in the water with you guiding you through all aspects of open water swimming including, tides, tidal stream, rip currents and longshore drift, understanding sighting, drafting cold water solutions, food stops and so much more......


Pool sessions: At swim Lanzarote we also understand the benefits of the controlled environment of the swimming pool. Here we can work on breaking down your stroke so you get a better understanding of how to control your stroke and maximize your potential.


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We are leaders in open water swimming, with coaches with over 30 years’ experience of swimming in open water and from various swim backgrounds.

We use a new and exciting system of swimming incorporating all elements of the swim and the environment, to create the perfect open water swimmers.