''I attended a week of swimming lessons with Swim Lanzarote. Paul is one of the good guys. I have done a lot of different activities over the years but genuinely found Paul's enthusiasm and helpfulness to be the best. I needed lessons because even though I learned to swim when I was younger, I could not swim properly. In addition to this I had been caught out a few times, most recently in a rip tide and had developed a fear of the water.


Paul helped me to do three primary things - improve my swim stroke immensely, understand how to swim properly in the sea e.g. rip tides, and overcome my fear of the water.


From a lesson perspective it was also great that they were early morning so I could be back to the family before the kids were even awake.


I would highly recommend Paul and his swimming lessons. He is very much about the student and what they actually need.''

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Swim Lanzarote is more than a "swim session." Immerse yourself in an aquatic experience that has never been known in the world of swimming. We will share with you our passion and vast knowledge for the art of swimming, our amazing community, the local people and the culture behind Swim Lanzarote.


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Why swim with swim Lanzarote


Over the many years we have been swimming in open water and pool sessions we realised we need to add more, to allow swimmers to look through the portal of what makes open water swimming so attractive. No matter what your arena we can give you the best help and the confidence you need.

Over the years we have pulled away from conventional swim coaching and we are now sighting to a new and brighter horizon. Dive into our web pages to find out what makes us so different.



The fountain of youth, better skin, less cravings, more energy, better digestion, less headaches, a higher metabolism, better mood, and an ability to concentrate. That's just from drinking it . Getting out and playing in a big ol body of it is a whole new ballgame

video analysis with swim Lanzarote


Keep ahead of the game, impove your stroke

Triathlon coaching with swim Lanzarote


keep a competitive edge with tri swims


Open water skills with swim Lanzarote


Master the open water like never before with indepth knowledge from our experts

Based in Puerto Del Carmen home of the Lanzarote Ironman


The resort to suit all your needs.

Our swim Lanzarote team are based in the popular resort of Puerto Del Carmen Lanzarotes main resort and hub for many swims and adventures including the home of the world famous and toughest Ironman in the world. the swim Leg and run are both based here in Puerto del carmen giving the perfect opertunity to complete the swim course or be coached on the actual body of water helping you to get used to sun rise sighting and tidal stream.




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About us


We are leaders in open water swimming, with coaches with over 30 years experience of swimming in open water and from various swim backgrounds.

We use a new and exciting system of swimming incorporating all elements of the swim and the environment, to create the perfect open water swimmers.